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Finish migration of matrix

Update on what I been working on for hispagatos

In our adventure to reduce cost for hispagatos and myself specially, since the t-shirt store has not

produce as we will had wanted to, to be able to keep up with the almost 200$/Month of expenses, killab33z

had the idea of migrating some services to someones home with fiber on a new rasperry pi 4 8 Gigs, I was like good idea.

So I went to bed thinking on this, and next thing you know we migrating matrix to dendrite a GO matrix server that I personally been following for years, and since last October that entered Beta 1 I wanted to migrate to, now is fully migrated, yes it has bugs of course I love this, so it forces me to help with QA/Development since is wrote in one of my favorite languages, and my number 1 network programming language, GO.

So we are fully migrated, at first I had some issues with room not syncing, reverted, asked for advice, got the right advice and we continue with the migration, next day we will fully migrated and room syncing over the weekend. We had an issue with 1 room with only 3-4 people that is broken, good thing it was not our main rooms, and only having 3-4 people can be re-created if needed.

Now we looking to move our mastodon server, real-changeling has got a rasperry pi 4 8 gigs as well with plenty of disk space for it.

I will update with the results soon! :P

We also migrated our main gemini blog gemini:// temporaly to a rasperry pi 3 I had around, so far so good, but this is temporarly because the idea is to have one static site generator work for both http and gemini for our main blog, as of now is hugo with a personal hack I did to create gemini compatible, and will rsync to our gemini server... not ideal.

Happy Hacking

I hope you are all loved,safe and hope the best for everyone


much love.


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