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Hola! Happy Hacking to all hackers, DIY, Creators and tinkers out there.

- Sorry Hackers today I will post in my native tong :) I will post something similar in English at the end.

This last month I was busy creating some test videos with a KdenLive AI plugin to create voices and

attach video pieces, the last one came out decently ok.

here they are:

Why Free Software and Decentralized Platforms Matter.

Por qué importa el software libre y las plataformas descentralizadas.

¿Qué es Usenet? Descubre sus beneficios.

Hispagatos Hacker Collective Intro & Outro Testing.

Also in the front of Hispagatos, our compa x3r0x has already made subtitules translations

to some Hacker culture movies/documentarys, you can find them here:

Cultura Hacker y recomendaciones.

Follow the channel from mastodon:

- We had a good turn out at the latest 2600 Madrid meeting, and Bill from the EFF was visiting Madrid

so we got to hang out one evening that was fun!

Happy Hacking o/

That's it for now!

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