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Interview with Psy

I was interviewed by PSY/EPSYLON

Hola! Happy Hacking to all hackers, DIY, Creators and tinkers out there.

- So during the summer I got contacted my the news reporter that does hacking

topics here in Spain, I know her from a long gime, we have a good relationship

and she uses some of our services like mastodon,usenet,matrix etc.

See told me that "Psy"/"EPSYLON" was interested in doing a interview with me, I 99% of the

time during all my 50 years of life have said no to documentaries, interviews and

such because they more than none twist and derail the real meaning of hacking,

hackers and Hacker Culture ... so I usually do not want to be part of more

of that. But since this was Psy and I know he is usually very alinged with

the views of Hispagatos, 2600 and such I accepted but not firt asking Merce to

tell him I will not participate unless the channels are also on free platforms

like peertube, and so he did, he uploaded his videos to peertube and

so that only showed me I made a good decision in participating on his show.

- So finally We were able to set up a time and date, everything was very relax and cool

I have to admit since it was a channel is not mine, I was a bit shy on my views and topics

specially at the first half of the interview, but oppened up at the second half.

Here is the result:

[THS] TheHackerStyle #19 con Rek2 (hispagatos) | Anarquista, hacker y pentester ...

Enjoy and subscribe to his channel on peertube! (not youtube please lets not give google more money and data)

Happy Hacking o/

That's it for now!

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