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Looking for work for a ethical org or ngo.

Last week was a super busy week for me, also very depressive and fustrating for personal reasons most of them related

to Hispagatos, but moving forward to a more positive outcome, I been for a long time wanting to switch from sillicon valley, tech bro hyper capitalist positions to a more ethica, ONG, ORG or anything related to hacker culture(not infosec) or Free and Libre culture.

Before I never really did the switch, even do many and many times I had the opportunity but I was under a different situation, I needed to make enought money to move back to Spain/Europe, had to be able to pay expensive small dorm/studios in the Bay Area and Boston area, yeah 2K/4K a month for studios... if you do not want to eat garbage American food you have to also plan to spend some good money on real organic food as well, one will think farm,organic food should be cheaper, well not in the US, is cheaper to buy on a big brand capitalist grocery store than in a farmers market... is ridicules, but it is what it is and I was living there, so had to adjust. Now im in a much better situation, money is not even top 4 priorities for me any more, I am a very simple non-materialistic, simple living person, in Spain I can survive with not much ( Even do in Spain everyone complains in how expensive live is, is because they have never live in another place, is about relation to what one is used to and what its known to them ).

So I am ready, next week I am going to email/talk to people I know in the free software, digital privacy, social justice, hacking world involved with ONG/ORG etc see if I can finally have the job that I can really like, even if this means not doing actually offensive hacking that I also love. but I can do that it my own right *wink wink* ha ha no, not illegally, I still love CTF's and doing research on my own, see when you love something you do it for the love and the challenge, one, does NOT need to get paid for it.

Anyways, just wanted to post a small update, will see what happens, I just know im tired of going to work or having clients that I 100% dissagree with and have to look up or down, doing penetration testing and cybersecurity is not really a priority, it really never was, I did not start to hack to have a job, I started to hack for the challange, the knowladge and to figure shit out breaking things and making them better, understand and go beyond the regular square, create my own path, not follow them.

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much loves

solidarity and hugs. love ALL.


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