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Hola everyone, thanks for been here with me, Real-changeling has got a real SSD drive that we have

conected to the raspberry pi 4+, yes the one that we tried to migrate to around 2 weeks a go, and this drive DOES perform,

is fast as a regular SSD drive, the usb3 we were using for the first migration attemp was super slow! jeez took like 5 days to copy most of the data then almost 24 hours for the gems and node modules updates so I was very insecure about that, I was like, ok what if is super slow to post or the mastodon feeds when live? so I reverted and we bough the SSD drive with a usb3 to sata cable with power. And now after some test we can cofirm this is much better, so the rsync is on as I write this, and it will be over in a couple hours only... big difference! I will run the rsync every 12 hours until we shutdown the live mastodon server and do the last rsync and the backup export/import, this will minimize downtime to only 2-3 hours, not counting the DNS propagation.

Our hacker culture video show is a bit on hold, wanted to start doing live sessions on odysee and but been waiting for them to clean up some bugs and release some more features like the chat, that they already did... so I think you guys will see new live videos very soon! I am excited is a new format, no editing etc, but much shorter and I can focus on more things and to the topic instead of a 2-3 hours long discussion like the regular shows, we will still have those shows for a deeper analysis on the recent topics related to the anarchist hacker culture world.

Thats it for now!

rek2 ak rebel

much loves

solidarity and hugs. love ALL.


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