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CyberPunk 2077

Hello everyone, is been a couple busy weeks. my laptop keyboard finally broke, until now I was using

some fisical hacks :D hahaha like putting spare chain on top of some keys at the start of my session until the keys started to work

again :D, but step by step and day after day there were more keys with the problem, and the current problemtatic keys took longer to get working right to the point I could code and hack with out fustration... so I ended up taking it to repair... I could had done it myself but lack of time and that now a days laptop keyboards are "sealed" yes.... no screws like before so if you do not do it right is very fustrating to type on them... the solution will be worse than the illness :D.

So yes, and to the main topic. I pre-pucharse cyberpunk 2077 sometime in 2020, I did on stadia because I was not sure it will work on GNU/Linux with proton since the game was just not out to have people testing it... so decided not to risk it, with stadia I can play native on GNU/Linux and also on my laptops and tablet, since there is no need for a GPU. Well story short, When the game released I was busy, was dating a girl and we were out a lot when not working, when I had time I hear all the bugs the game had so decided to just wait....

And after reading for the last 2-3 weeks that finally the last 2 big patches have fix the game 100%, I decided to give it a try.. and oh boy! I am soooo hook, you guys know I love and been into cyberpunk theory, literature and culture since early 1990's so playing in this game is like playing at home, I already visited most of the sites on my "head" yes with imagination while playing cyberpunk 2020, and cyberpunk "MUDs" basically console base MMORPG games from the late 80s early 90s. Also the books I read the images I picture on my head etc.. all came to live... is WOW, is like getting into the movie Bladerunner and jonny nnmemonic and just cruising around, and scary! yes scary! because you can even feel how bad the future we are getting our self into... is bad.. very bad.. and people do not care... they are all on their facebooks,instagrams etc giving all their data,biodata and other personal stuff for free with no control to this massive totalitarian corporations... is sad.. but in the mean time I am having fun in the game and nobody can take that away from me now :D

Yes I also rejoined Magic the Gathering hahahaha, yaaap :) unfortunatelly I play for the mechanics and not the story line for that I rather netrunner RPG colectival cards.

So yes also did last night a "live" stream on odysee playing for 5 hours cyberpunk 2077... we even had 6 people at some point watching... wow.

Thats it for now!

rek2 ak rebel

much loves

solidarity and hugs. love ALL.


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