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CyberPunk ReD

Hola hola hola.... Yes is me the one and one :D hahaha I guess that in binary will be 3 ha ha ha anyways I found a group that plays a very interesting long 24/7 campaing of cyberpunk red, cyberpunk red is a continuation of cyberpunk 2020 a dice, paper and pen 1990's popular RPG, Cyberpunk red is the updated continuation that sits in between cyberpunk 2020 and cyberpunk 2077 to be more exact in 2045 :) last year I created a Madrid 2045 city/map on TableTop simulator under Steam.

So I created a good character based on the full rule book that I also got, but they are sold now in many places in Spain, the char was accepted last night and I am hopping to start/jump into night city as soon as tomorrow Saturday May 22... will see. Aparently there is a hard job, is a bank robbery lol... and they warm that is a hard sesion and prob our characters will get killed.... O_O hahahaha I love it!

In the other hand I been doing live seasons on odysee of my cyberpunk2077 gaming... but the latest update to OBS git has broke something so I stop for now... until I can fix it.

Also found a cool place in Madrid to play ROL/MTG/Netrunner I went the other day to buy some cards that come with a code to input into Magic Arena online so you have the same cards online and physically!... very good idea.

Thats it for now!

rek2 ak rebel

much loves

solidarity and hugs. love ALL.


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