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New Hackerñol 00100110 live!

Hola! I have not updated the blog in a couple weeks, in this time we played more cyberpunk red ttRPG games is awesome!, also been streaming live cyberpunk 2077 and Elder Scrolls Online, also very fun, you can see people comenting in the chat live as you play etc. The best part was we did our first ever hacker show live! and for the first one came out very good, head over to:

Hackerñol 00100110 - episodio 38 Alegría Alegría nos hemos desvirgado del LIVE!! en vivo y en directo!

I went to Alicante to visit my friends, we had a great time! Also have a new client! I will update with a dedicated post on this, after I start to see how it goes you guys know I am very picky :)

Also was very glad to hear another hacker, Drew Devault is moving out of the U.S.A. Not surprised, this may be with out exagerating the 500 something person/hacker/free software advocate that I meet/knew from my time in the U.S.A. that one way or another came to the same conclusion I did and left. I wish him good luck, all changes are tuff, and you really have to believe on your motivations to succedd making roots and the change.. for me my time in the US was super bad and I never made it mentally.

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solidarity and hugs. love ALL.


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