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Back into Graffiti, Alicante and MortalOnline 2

Hola! this last weekend I was in Alicante, I wanted to get back to painting graffiti murals with one of my best friends "KEO" he was the last one I painted with before I left Spain in 1997 and it was something we both had in our agenda to do, it came out great! I will upload the pics at some point in the mean time you can check my mastodon post on http.

rek2 and keo 2021

I had an amazing time in Alicante with Drunkedtelecom, Sara(pulpito), keo, Krispis and other friends from the CNT and ramdon people we found along the way, I believe we got to the beach around 4 am with beer and ended up in the water in underwear ha ha ha!

Also This last week I was told that Mortal online a amazing sandbox, real MMORPG from the likes of Ultima Online, DarkFall and such is working on a new version, and not only that but they already had done a stress test, passed the alpha stage into beta and is about to release soon! well it took 20m from when I hear that to me getting into the beta with real-changeling, we found a Spanish guild and we joined, more on this soon! but finally a real MMORPG to be crazy about, and so far runs on Linux with steam-proton. cross fingers!

Work... well is work :) havent done anything really I feel good about yet, is only been 1-2 weeks, I am finally getting used to getting up earlier and adjusting my body clock, thats for now the only positive thing about it.

Thats it for now!

rek2 ak rebel

much loves

solidarity and hugs. love ALL.


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