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Starbase vaccine

Vaccine, and Starbase


Sorry, Sorry and most sorry, summertime is here and I been working on personal projects many small ones, not even worth mentioning here, did not do anything to crazy specially because covid cases because of the D variant had spiked in Spain since I wrote my last blog, so I stayed home and around my barrio, all the time, only went out a couple times to meet up with Alma and thats about it. This takes me to one of the main topics today, I been wanting to go get the vaccines for some time, but keep leaving it for "next week" but after a couple scares close to me with friends getting covid the new variant etc I i finally went to do it, and after 24 hours no side effects so far. good.

Another topic, I been playing with the guild another sandbox MMO called stargate I like it a lot, not as much as Mortal Online 2 but since that wont come out into the end of October we been playing "starbase" link below. Is also early access but they keep adding things every week, we build ships, and space stations, moon stations, pvp, massive pvp, crafting, grinding etc etc..

This is a game for hackers, engineers, programmers, and tinkerers. It is for those of us who love simulations. The simulation aspects here are top notch and nothing else comes close. If you like emergent systems built out of emergent systems then you'd be hard pressed to find anything better.


I also been doing smart shorts for Hackernol when I think something is interesting to talk about check them out:


Thats it for now!

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much loves

solidarity and hugs. love ALL.


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