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Migration sourcehut

Migration to SourceHut and goListen2music

Hola! fast update! this week I started and got working a TUI go app to play youtube videos with mpv, will keep adding to it, is the first non-hacker related program I decide, before this it was all C exploits and GO hacking tools for my own and the companies I worked for in the past so they are not open, unfortunately. But besides I decided to start writing more software, hacking or not, is been a while and I miss just spending hours with myself and my thoughts coding, hacking and relaxing. The tool is called goListen2Music :D :D is public but will put it here when is in a state that I like.

Hispagatos: I finally migrated the maing blog from gitlab to sourcehut, read more about it at:

with this I was able to consolidate https and gemini into one place and one git commit/push and automatize it with the awesome CI/CD tools from sourcehut, I recomend it for all things, hosting code, and static pages:

Sourcehut the hacker's forge

Sourcehut pages for https and gemini static sites

I was using hugo already for https, so I continue using it for gemini, but I am using for this and other smaller blogs gssg


Thats it for now!

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much loves

solidarity and hugs. love ALL.


gemini pages on sourcehut