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Alicante, Psytrance Video Bot and TUI player

Hola! this last week have been super busy in a good way, I went to my city Alicante, had a great time with my friend Ramon(CNT),Krispis(Konan),Ken,DrunkedTelecom(elCuervo),Not,Zao,Keo,Misil,Superpulpito and many others.

I was able to see my old friend Maika, I had not seen her in 23 years!!!! she had a child right when I got back to Spain, and was busy and then I left to Madrid and I was always traveling to hacker culture events so finally and it was her bday too so we got to hang out for a bit. Also it was my good friend Misil(that is his nick name) and he invited a couple of us to his second home outside the city with a pool and we had a nice "paella" made with firewood, so overall very good.

Then this weekend I found out there was the first psytrance party after it stop because of covid, I was not planning to attend but I was not able to hold myself home knowing this was happening so I went and had a super great time!!! <3

Also I finished a bot that will grab a ramdon video from a odysee or peertube channel and post it on mastodon every x minutes. In that sense I also worked a bit more on my TUI youtube music front end for the terminal.

Check this two proyects out at my sourcehut repo

Thats it for now!

rek2 ak rebel

much loves

solidarity and hugs. love ALL.


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