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Facebook and minions down for hours


So yesterday was a fun day, I was doing some work and notice how all the normies where acting weird with their phones, and I just brashed it off as another normie rage because they don't usually understand what is inside their spy devices. Later on I took my coffee home to continue work and notice the same weirdness on people with their phones, when I finally got to my studio, x3r0x from our collective, notified us that the evil doer facebook and its minions where down for a long time... I open IRC/Matrix/Mastodon and such in the free internet, and there was people partying all over, super happy, joking, engaging with people and having fun. So this is when I decided that maybe we should pick this up live on our hacker show doing a live stream, and so I did and invited a lot of people, we started to party with music from the Ewoks victory over the empire and such, beer cans got open and what started as a small thing ended up full on online party, it was fun.

Last weekend I did not do anything worth mentioning I was chilling since last week I had a stomach ache so did not wanted to eat out or go out to give it time to restore.

I did create a new blogpost related to hacking is not a crime and such you can read it on our main site

Thats it for now!

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solidarity and hugs. love ALL.


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