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Enfermo alicante srhut

Sick, Alicante, Mastodon migration and new wiki.


This last 2 weeks I been knock-out, a cold or bronchities, no idea, but had no fever, just lots of sneezing, congestion and later caught, that has perdured most of the time until last weekend that got much better.

I'm now on my way to Alicante, see my friends Superpulpito(Sara) and Krispis(Sergio) among Keo(Emilio), Drunkedtelecom(ElCuervo) etc. The plan is to do a graffiti mural and to celebrate 3 bdays! that originally were supposed to happend last weekend but had to be postpone because I was sick and my friends wanted for me to be there as well.

During this time we have worked on moving more repos from gitlab to sourcehut!, also we did the Mastodon migration to an off-shore server! The migration was smooth and fast since I had everything prepare and on a scheluled rsync so when we pulled the plug the ammount of data to move was minimal.

We also started to create our internal hispagatos wiki on sourcehut:


Inside there we wrote a howto ask for an account in our matrix server and how to use matrix/irc

I want a Matrix account

How to use Matrix or Netiquette

Harlock has been working on fixing some Spanish grammar in our blog posts at and gemini:// such is good. Also created new hacking mirrors to avoid having to go to github at all like the SecList and PayloadAllthethings among other repos.

for more on-going changes check out my sourcehut git repos:

- => Projects

- => Git repos

Thats it for now!

rek2 ak rebel

much loves

solidarity and hugs. love ALL.


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