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This last 3 weeks I been busy with regular work, then I had a client for a 2 week penetration test, that was fun, I can now after 2 years in Spain started to actually be cold in winter, my body has finally got back to its origins ha ha. I also decided to start competing again in hackthebox, specially to motivate new people and show them that hacking is more than skills and tricks, is a culture and you can do everything or more than others do with only hacker friendly tools that respects hacker ethics.

- You can follow me/us to ask for help or join our team if you share our hacking values.

ReK2 HTB Profile

Hispagatos HTB Profile

- We have a matrix HAcktheBox channel

- ****

To motivate people I started to make more CTF live videos yeah live! :D and also writeups of boxes that are **STILL** live, the reason is that we believe in hacker ethics, information must be free specially if is for education and can motivate and help new people, into learning more about hacker culture and the hacker ethics, and to see with their eyes that everything is possible with a hacker personality, open tools and persistance. Hacking is not a job, is a persona, a way of life and a culture, no matter what the plain infosec people tells you.

CTF Writeups.

Videos Hackernol, CTF etc.

- We continued with our internal hispagatos wiki on sourcehut:


- Some wiki sections:

I want a Matrix account

How to use Matrix or Netiquette

- => Projects

- => Git repos

Thats it for now!

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solidarity and hugs. love ALL.


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