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Winter update 2022


Happy Hacking to everyone, not much has happened in regards to hacking and tech this 6 weeks I did not post here, I have returned to do some CTF's, sign up to hackerone since I am thinking in maybe, only **maybe** to dedicate time on bounty's. Also I continued playing Mortal online 2 with my Hispanic clan, is been fun, the game had a ruff start but it got much better this last 2 weeks. I also re-purchased cyberpunk 2020 on steam since it has full support on proton under GNU/Linux, I had it on stadia, but even tho works perfectly fine, I was not able to use my full screen on my super wide screen monitor and since it was at half price on steam I decided to take advantate of the price and 1.5 update, and I have to say is amazing... For someone that has growup playing cyberpunk paper and dice games, readed books and participated in the culture online and in real life, I am enjoying myself.

Hispagatos, I only been doing maintenance, added 1-2 more writeups to our wiki at sourcehut and no big news, such why the lack of updates here.

Thats it for now!

rek2 ak rebel

much loves

solidarity and hugs. love ALL.


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