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Mid March update 2022


Another 2 weeks or so has passed, and te world can't be more fuckedup, like if the covid scare was not already enough, now we have

some crazy people playing RISK with our lifes, specially with those in Eastern Europe, I do not take sides, as two sides are one way or another the same coin with different sides, I sometimes just wish things where different and people will see beyond propaganda and popular sayings and actions, at least a bit to realise how much missinformation we get from ALL sides but at the end we are all the same people, with familys and loved ones no matter where that person is and have been made to believe, I am looking at us US people, you had no problem supporting 3-4 imperialist wars in the name of self-defense bla bla bla, can you really blade now when this is happening by other country and people are made to believe also missinformation? no, because everyone is feed missinformation all sides do. I honestly think im an Alien in my own planet, I find it hard to find people that thinks and feel the same way I do, is easy to find only specially on mastodon/matrix etc people with similar views and analisys, but very hard to find in everyday life.

I wish there were better topics to speak about but I guess we can only HOPE for things to turn out better for everyone.

Thats it for now!

rek2 ak rebel

much loves

solidarity and hugs. love ALL.


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