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Mid april

Mid April update 2022


This Month we have work in a ton of proyects for good,

- we decided to create a relax, public and no encrypted channel for the people who watches our **Hackerñol** show about hacker culture, news and anything related to the world of hacking, the original hacking, not cybercrime, etc.

- We started to work on a lot of documentation for simple net and web hacking

- working on Usenet documentation and colaborate with the Big-8 in helping with some security proyects

- started to do outreach in our Hispanic world

- Started to work on a new 2600 chapter for Madrid, getting people interested and working in the calendar and communit using the meetup software

For the near future planning another Trip to Alicante, I went a couple weeks a go, finally I get to go a lot more, this next time will prob be to do another big graffiti mural with other graffiti writers and to have some beers and party with other hackers, friends and newbees. Oh yeah also preparing for HOPE - Hackers on Planet earth 2022 in NY, we need to get the **Anarchist Hacker Village** another year going on strong.

Thats it for now!

Meetup alike but decentralized, open and part of the fediverse.

rek2 ak rebel

much loves

solidarity and hugs. love ALL.


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