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July alicante hope

July update 2022 Alicante HOPE 2022 and ONGs

Hola! Happy Hacking to all hackers, DIY, Creators and tinkers out there.

June was an amazing month for me, in most ways not all of course nothing is pefect ha ha.

I went to my city Alicante for about 9 days because the city holidays called "Las Hogueras de San Juan", this is done for the summer solstice, it was originally a mediterranean pagan holiday related to burning your old yunk the longest day of the year to avoid bad luck etc. But eventually this holiday with catolicism etc got mixed into a half religion holiday, but people have always follow it as a holiday to party, have fun, spend time with neighbords etc etc, for students this is a 7 day 24/7 party, for working people is a 2-4 day 24/7 party depending if you work on the city or in another city, since other cities may not have those days as a holiday. In any case I spend time with some of my best friends that I know since I was in my late teens and early 20's.

After I came back to Madrid I had a week relax, during all this I had to speak with a new client for a security forensic job that now that is over it has carry over to a consulting gig related to avoid data exfiltration and data leakage.

Everytime I do this type of work, even do I like it, It never fills me up, I keep asking myself I should be working on things I truly believe on, like on free software, hacker culture, social change etc... I do not know if when I sent resumes to ONG/Not-profits they get scared of all my huge resume background and experience and they think im going to charge them a lot or what is going on, but I have no prolem finding corporate jobs, ever, most times they come to me, but when it comes to easier jobs but jobs that will fill me as a person is been hard, I think I should put in big letters "MONEY IS NOT MY NUMBER ONE PRIORITY" or something along those lines.. just like most hackers of my generation, money is something we need to survive but I personally do not like or need the feel or goal to make as much money as possible, that has NEVER ever been my goal, I am weird yes, I spoke with many people in the hacker community specially in the 90's that most of them have similar thoughts, our motivation is exploring,creating,adventure,change,help we do not see things in the same eyes other people do, but oh well yeah I wish sometime a ONG or not-forprofit will come and say, hey we need your help, will you work for us, we do not have much money to pay you but will be enought to survive and have a decent live. I will belike "YES!!! PLEASE!", Heck I do not even care of is a non-cybersecurity job, I have done in my past systems engineering, programming and all type of things ( like most hackers ) we are polivalent, I can still do hacking CTF's at night, I do not care if I work on cybersecurity or not, and to be honest this days cybersecurity is gettin to be a drag for me, hard to find ethical gigs and clients, everyday I think more in doing simple sysadmin stuff again.

And yes! HOPE 2022, I am super sad about this, because I will not be able to make it in person only virtually, reasons have to do with inmigration and paperwork that I am STILL waiting for, two papers, one is been 12 months and the other 3 months... but oh well.. could be worse at least I can help virtually with mozilla hubs and matrix.

Ok there is my thoughs for today ha ha

I will update soon with things going on with hispagatos, 2600 and such

Thats it for now!

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solidarity and hugs. love ALL.

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