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September update

September update 2022 - meeting

Hola! Happy Hacking to all hackers, DIY, Creators and tinkers out there.

Sorry for the lack of updates on August! I have a new client, this client is not located on the America time zone, but ahead of me

so I been having a ruft time with the times we have the meetings, standups etc... is only for a couple months and allows me to save up for a proyect I have started that will need a good ammount of money to get it start it.

Also after more than 20 years Madrid finally have had its 2600 meeting, not many came only 2 of us, such is normal since is the first one and nobody knows much about it yet, hopefully next one in October we have 4-5 people at least. I will keep you guys updated.

Other than this, I did go to Alicante in August, saw my best friends and had dinner with some other best friends, dinner for the ones married and going out for the ones divorced/single etc. It was a good time like usual.

I also got my steamdeck!!!! I have not played with it much, other than install some Arch linux packages and my games on it like Starwars galaxies SWGEmu, and Star Citizen that is now playable finally.

Thanks to killerbees we going to migrate our mastodon server to his server room, he donated the server, we will try to give him some tips here and there for the help from our donations.

Thats it for now!

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=> Meetup alike but decentralized, open and part of the fediverse.

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much loves
solidarity and hugs. love ALL.

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