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October update

October update 2022 - Alicante

Hola! Happy Hacking to all hackers, DIY, Creators and tinkers out there.

Well well well, so I almost skipped October update, I had finally time to sit back 10m to write this, and I am glad there are some new updates to talk about.

The 2600 meeting in Madrid was a success!, we were 6 people, Krispis, TTT, Alberto Quian, Orestes, Bl0ckW0rm and myself, we had fun, folks got to meet eachother in person, and talk about hacking, politics and everything in general that bothers us, then after that we went out to celebrate!

Hispagatos wiki has got finally some updates not done by me from the hand of ln0ml, and TTT, such im very glad even do in both cases I had to handspoon a bit the process, ln0ml was kind to update the procedure on the wiki, but TTT still was blind to see the links to the actual git mailing lists for our wiki and blog :) one day people will actually learn to learn instead of blindly following a document.

Gaming: I been playing EVE online with NerdRat and Harlock, but also switching into SWGEmu and NetRunner my favorate rol card game, I actually waiting to get delivered some of my new cards made by the org/non-for-profit nullsignal or NSIE that the community of netrunner made to keep maintaining the game and also add new cards and competitions.

I been wanting to checkout NeoCities is a http service like we had in the 90's called GeoCities, it brings back good memories and I love the real web/internet before all the malware like facebook/instagram, so how I was not going to like it, for more info check the link

Happy and very happy to say I was able to make it down to Alicante another Month, finally my plan to go down every month like I had planned before the COVID/Pandemic is now been possible, this time I went to the Bday party of my good old friend Sara or SuperPulpito also "Trufa Cookies", we had a great time, it was almost like in the 90's before I left to the US, even Maika came over and Ken/Pedro among the usual's like Pedro, Krispis/Sergio/Konan and more :) we really enjoyed the company, the bday and Alicante.

Saturday that weekend I had dinner with one of my best friends Emilio/Keo also with Krispis and Eva, right after that we went out to "El Barrio" of Alicante and decided to hit some PunkRock bars, it was hell of fun!.

In the mean time of all this I continued working on my big GIG with the game company from Arabia Saudi, but I been having more time now that we almost at the end of the gig, after that I will continue working for Toptal doing interviews to new Infosec proffesionals to see if they have what it takes to work for us.

I have my personal project on hold until I finish this gig I spoke of above, and a big announcement, **I decided to give RUST another try** I was speaking with another Hacker comrade from the Netherlands and he told me about a BlackHat rust book, and was able to get my hands on a pdf file, I found it very interesting so giving it one more chance ha ha.

Love you all! keep hacking! keep doing! keep creating!

Thats it for now!

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