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USENET is ALIVE, long live NNTP !

Hola! Happy Hacking to all hackers, DIY, Creators and tinkers out there.

=== We have now a Hispagatos Usenet/NNTP server ===

<< Long live NNTP! the original decentralized, uncersor internet network that does not required bloated

http browders and system sucking tools. >>

reading a lot of source code, man pages and old and new documentation I have got

up and running, and peering with other popular hacker BBS's and communities from

around the world

Building as we speak a rust backend/frontend so we can allow

people to create an account in any of our services, #matrix #mastodon #usenet

invitation/request with a token we will be giving to members of the

hispagatos collective, friends and members of the hacker communities.

for now you can visit something I have put up very fast at:

Hispagatos Usenet page

PD: there will be also a gemini portal!!!

Happy Hacking o/

That's it for now!

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rek2 aka rebel
Much loves
Solidarity and hugs. Love ALL.

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