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July update

July update 2023 - Summer time!

Hola! Happy Hacking to all hackers, DIY, Creators and tinkers out there.

Ok so i did it again, but this time I was kind of depressed for some personal reasons.. Feeling much better now and I saw my friends in Alicante for the city holidays this year in June 2023.

I have quite a few updates:

- 2600 Madrid: I did not attend last month (june) I was depressed and did not felt like going out. But May was good, our compa Kor came from the south of Spain.

- Planning for Chaos Computer Club Camp or CCC camp, I decided not to go this time, mainly because when the tix where be giving to our group I was depressed and did not see anyone helping me and excited about it, and said we did not need any and now is to late.

- CTF's/Hacking I did a couple easy boxes in the last months not as much as I will like but I was in no mood, but been picking up this last week! Last night did a box from HTB

- Hispatatos: Limiting hispagatos, Since we did this change, things have move along much better, The way things were going with this is what mainly got me in a deep depression(first time ever in my life) so as soon we did the big change everything started to work for the better of the group and my health.

- As a reminder here goes what I wrote and still standsGoing

- Going forward non-work and friendly talk, regular chat and such, we will use the rest of the other channels we have in matrix, revolt, mastodon, etc nothing personal with anyone in particular, just with everyone and everything in general, I am to old to manage this in the way it was going for the last 3 years, I been getting less and less excited about it, from now on, for the best of my health and the collective to be actually in a position that is not just me and a few others doing all the work and having all the knowledge:

- non-participants and not active will be kick

- comrades with no minimal computer skills will be not let in as a initiate to learn.

- First prove yourself then you can join us And we will mentor in all things hacking, hacking culture and real hacking skills.[not using other peoples tools like a script kiddie lacking knowing what is happening behind it]

- Friends who claim they can hack, will need to probe it first, with any legal means of course,

- CTF's

- bug bounties programs

- Hackerone

- Bugcrowd

- Other similar ones...

- Support Libre software the hacker Ethics actively in some way like but not limited to:

- Writing code

- Documentation

- Activism

- Promotion

- Help the collective in any way like running servers, doing updates, helping.

- Donating for the servers cost, for materials like stickers, fliers etc.

- Actively or historically part of the Hacker community with other groups/collectives(they already prove them self)

- Any type of hacker activity(not just security wise of course hacking is more than finding security issues and exploiting them) that forwards and promotes hacker culture.

- And yet again the reasons I kick most people.

- The people I have kick, I did so because many reasons, some of them are:

- because you are not active

- Not collaborating on a small but ongoing pace (No need to spend too much time we are all volunteers but because only 2-3 do everything seems like a lot of work)

- we need to review, reconsider

- You been with us only 2 years or less, and you only did 1-2 contributions to get in and have not done anything after that.

- I had stop for 3 months doing projects and hacing activities, but thanks to how things are heading in my persona life and hispagatos I been slowly picking-up

- last week I upgraded Mastodon, we were 3 versions behind

- this week I upgraded Mobilizon

- Also upgraded 3-4 versions our Matrix Dendrite server.

- been working on a couple tools and a new plugin for NeoVim focused on hacking for hackers.

Love you all! Keep hacking! Keep doing! Keep creating!

That's it for now!

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rek2 aka rebel
Much loves
Solidarity and hugs. Love ALL.

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